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German Cock Roach
5 Facts That Might Change The Way You See Cockroaches Most absolutely everyone agrees cockroaches are disgusting. So, why do some of us dwell with these unsafe pests in our homes? The reply lies in the reality that most of us feel that cockroaches are only disgusting, occasional intruders. What we don't understand is what actually is heading on when these creepy pests invade. If we did, no one particular would dwell with cockroaches in their home. Not convinced? Below are 5 specifics that may well adjust the way you see cockroaches. read more
Adult Bed Bugs
Bed bug problems in Kentucky likely to increase this summer! Bed bugs will not go away without proper treatment. In order to completely get rid of bed bugs, you must treat the affected area. Professional bed bug control is always best. A couple of years ago, the National Pest Management Association and University of Kentucky surveyed pest management professionals across the country. When asked if there was a bed bug season, nearly half (49%) of respondents said the bed bug infestations were more likely to occur during the summer months. Why you might ask? Bed bugs are hitchhikers. They travel by suitcase, purse, other belongings and even on coattails. And because travel increases during the summer, bed bugs are more likely to be transported. read more
Adult fleas
5 Steps To A Flea-Free Home!

Follow these 5 Tips and it will help you keep a flea free home!

No one likes getting an infestation of fleas. These little biters don't just cause problems for your pet; they can also bite you and your kids (if you have kids). If your pets are your kids, you have even more purpose to take a short pause and read through these 5 tips on how to have a flea-free home.

Here are some natural, non-toxic ways to help control fleas.

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