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West Kentucky Pest Control provides fast, affordable & reliable Pest Control Services in Providence, KY 42450 and surrounding areas! We help you with Spiders, ants, termites, wasps, bees, roaches, bed bugs & many other pesky bugs!

When pest control becomes a nagging problem, you need experts who are prepared to go the excess mile with treatments to make sure your home is pest-free. From rodents to bugs, West Kentucky Pest Control, LLC., gets the job done right to eliminate common or unusual infestations. Our qualified staff uses state-of-the-art technology for extermination and treatment of bed bugs, termites, roaches, ants and spiders. We also focus on rodent control including mice and rats and much more. If you think that you have a pest control concern, don't wait. When rodents and bugs invade your home, they create potential risks to your wellbeing as well as your family's health. On top of that, structural damages can be costly the much longer they go undetected. Whether you've found recent bites or found a nest of pests, the indicators are there. Instead of disregarding the warnings, we help you to call our experts after the first be concerned. Having did the trick and resided in Western Kentucky for more than 40 years, our experts will identify the opportunity of the infestation, the most practical method of treatment and the correct course of action to avoid recurrence. We are focused on assisting homeowners eliminate pests throughout Madisonville, Paducah, Henderson, Hopkinsville and near by places. Our methods are reliable and our services are unrivaled. West Kentucky Pest Control, LLC., can help you go back to your home - as the clean and healthy environment it was previously. Bed bugs are a growing concern in Hopkinsville, KY 42431. Bed bugs have been able to over populate in certain areas due to chemicals not being quite as effective as they once were and also because bed bugs are adapting to a variety of chemicals and building up a tolerance to these chemicals. West Kentucky Pest Control is always one step ahead of bed bugs and in the spirit of being the top experts in Hopkinsville on eradicating bed bugs we perform Heat Treatments of 160+ degrees on homes, apartments and anywhere else bed bugs can be found. Research has shown that bed bugs are not able to live past 120 degrees, at 160 we ensure that everything in the room is at least 120 degrees for several hours.
Main St, Hopkinsville KY 42240, 42241.
Cell: +1 270 635 1451
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FAX: +1 270 667 6311
E-mail: kypestcontrol@yahoo.com

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